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PCOS: A Hurdle on the path to Motherhood


Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is a rather common condition among women today. Considered to be a cause of female infertility, PCOS is characterised by enlarged ovaries with cysts developing on them. This disorder intrude the natural ovulation process and when coupled with an excess production of estrogen and androgen hormones, it causes infertility.

PCOS and Subfertility

The presence of cysts does not make pregnancy impossible but makes it more difficult. With an appropriate diagnosis and an effective treatment procedure, the condition can be overcome successfully.

IVF treatments are known to be one of the best options for a successful pregnancy for those affected by PCOD.About 1 in every 10 women is known to suffer from PCOD, though in various levels of severity. It is necessary to seek treatments during the early stages of the onset. 

Signs and Symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms that have to be watched out for.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Oily skin and increased presence of acne 
  • Abnormal obesity 
  • Dark patches on skin in the neck and arm areas 
  • Hair fall
  • Increased growth of unwanted hair 

How to Overcome PCOS !!

PCOS cases can be treated with the weight loss techniques, medications or surgical procedures where ovulation is restored by removing the cysts through laparoscopic procedures. The treatment plan might consist of options such as ovulation induction and IUI as well. However they solely dependent on the condition of the individual treated. 

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